#1 (DOB 6/27/08)

Hi Debbie,
 I wanted to touch base and thank you again for making that phone call to me back in the summer about the boy boxer that the other folks had backed out on.  We named our boy "Bo" and he has been such a pleasure.  He has a great personality and is very mischievous, as every good boy boxer should be.  I attached a picture of him and his big brother Shadow, but he is very difficult to see because he is so black!  I'll try to send a better one at a later date.  He is a very healthy 47 lbs and we absolutely adore him, so thanks again.  Suzanne  Hendersonville, NC


#2 (DOB 7/22/07 & 3/16/08)

Scooter is doing great. Gained 6 pounds so far. Has developed an interest in bee's, so, we've had to introduce him to benadryl. Mattie and Scooter are big buddies, play like mad, and then crash. I'll send you a picture soon.
Walt and Connie Hartsville SC



#3 (DOB 3/16/08)

Hi Debbie, sorry I'm so late replying. Brutus is doing great, he has been a delightful addition to the family. He is wide open unless he is asleep, but I don't need to tell you that, do I? He is a very nice looking boxer with the markings that he has. We get comments on him whenever we take him anywhere. Here are a few pics. I'll send more as he gets bigger.

Thanks, Ralph, Lugoff SC


#4 (DOB 3/16/08)

Hello Debbie, 
 I have been wanting to get back with you to let you know that everything is just wonderful. ha.... she is such a character. Her(Abby) and her sister (Hope) have turned into such buddies. I just moved into a nice new home that has a HUGE yard so the girls love to wrestle and run wild back there. Abby is working her way into being able to jog with Hope and I. Next month I will start taking her to Day Camp with her sister once a week so she doesn't have to sit in the crate all day. 
 Anyways, she is doing great. She has had all her shots thus far and goes in 2 wks for her rabies, etc and then that should do it. She weighed 22.7 lbs and I expect her to be much more the next time. She loves to eat and exercise. Thanks again for all that you have done and I will certainly recommend you to others. 
 I hope you enjoy the attached pics.
Thanks again,
Chad,  Jacksonville Beach FL



#5 (DOB 6/1/07)

I have never seen a dog get as much attention from other people as I have Dexter He is so friendly and well behaved  Thank you   I have enjoyed him so much that it makes me want to get another one HAHA   I have more pics posted on Myspace  under my name Steve
thanks again
Steve, Wilmington NC



#6 (DOB 3/16/08)

Hi Debbie!! I was just droppin a few lines to catch you up on T-Bone!! He is doing fantastic!! I have sent you a few pics to show you how big he is!! He has to go back for his last set of shots August 15th, and on July 31st he is going to get his ears clipped (in hartsville)  his little personality is sooo awesome, and Harli and him get along like white on rice!!

Jennifer, Sumter SC


#7 (DOB 4/10/06)

Hello Debbie,
My name is Troy and Susan my girlfriend and we are prowd and happy parents of Zoe the offspring of Cash and Siera Mist born 4/10/06.  Attached is a releatively resent photo of Zoe which you may want to put on your website.  All my friends love Zoe's loving nature, happy go lucky personality and intellingence.  I see that you have added a couple new boxers to your kennel and they look great.  If all goes well Susan and I will be looking to purchase another boxer and we wouldnt think of purchasing one from anywhere else but Double D Kennels.  Please see attached photo for your viewing pleasure. 
Thank Cash and Siera for having such a good puppy.  haha just kidding. Troy & Susan, Ashville NC


#8 (DOB 12/3/07)


Hi there - wanted to drop a line & let you know Snoop is doing great & getting big.  Attached are updated pics.

Julie & I were actually talking about getting a 2nd boxer playmate once he got to be around a year old, and we saw that you have 2 litters planed in October.  We would like to place our names on the puppy list for October for a girl.  Where in the pick list would we be - are there a lot of folks in front of us waiting for those litters?

I've got a soft spot in my heart for white boxers, so would lean towards that if you happen to have one; otherwise probably would lean towards a flashy brindle or reverse brindle female.  Definitely looking at a female because I don't want any testosterone issues between 2 boys, even though Snoop is neutered.


Scott, Myrtle Beach SC



#9 (DOB 2/22/07)

Hey Debbie,

I am not sure if I told you Caitlin, Penny, and I have moved to New York. Things are going very well and we're getting used to a totally different change of pace. Penny loves the city, but I think she missed having the backyard to run around free. She loves being around all the other dogs in the dog parks up here though; it's quite a site to see her.

We have some pictures that I'll try to get Caitlin to send. We were out in Central Park on Christmas day and took Penny around with us. Everyone in the city loves her; she's somewhat of a celebrity. We even had random strangers ask to take her picture in Rockefeller Center. Anyway, I have a good friend and his wife in South Carolina that are very interested in getting a dog. They both favor boxers and I mentioned that they should call you about your puppies. My friend's name is Gaby and his wife is Katie. I have sent him a link to your website and I wanted to let you know that I had given him your information. I love looking at the website from time to time. Caitlin and I would love to have another puppy, but we're not quite there yet. I hope you, your family, and the dogs are doing well.

Best regards,

Tyler. Columbia SC, now in NY


#10 (DOB 11/29/08)

Hi Debbie,
 Rocco is doing great. He is getting used to his new house and we are really enjoying him. He did have a little run in with the heel of a shoe and had to get bandaged up by the vet. Nothing too serious and the bandage doesn't slow him down a bit. Here are some new pics...

Todd & Suzanna, Mt. Pleasant SC



#11 (DOB 11/15/08)

Hey Debbie,

I had a quick question could you tell me how much Sydney weighs we are trying to figure out how big Laylas gunna get bc she is so much bigger than one of the other boxers in our class and they are only a day apart in age. She is doing great by the way, she is so smart. She goes right to the back door when she has to go out and I dont think we have had an accident in the house in over 2 weeks. Thank you so much we love her alot.

Hey Debbie, (2/23/09)
Just wanted to keep you up to date even though I see you have alot of puppies right now so are prob. pretty busy. Layla was playing in the back yard last week with Bruce and we arent sure how she did it but fractured her front right foot. She has a cast on right now but is getting around on it great and has to wear it for 4 weeks. I dont think she even realizes the cast is their sometimes. She is such a tough little dog she hasnt even cried this whole time the only reason i knew something was wrong is bc she was limping. I thought id send you a pic of her and a pic of her with her cast on. The vets love her they make such a fuss when she comes in. The have never seen a black boxer so they are all over her when we go. They put little hearts on the cast and said when i come this week for them to put a new cast on they will put shamrocks on the knew cast, lol. She has gotten big she weighed 25 lbs last week when i took her. She is such a good girl though and we are so glad we got her. Hope everythings going well and thanks again.
Jamie – Summerville SC

On Thu, May 14, 2009:

Hey Debbie,
I haven’t emailed you in a while and wanted to let you know how Layla is doing. Her cast came off about 3 weeks ago and she was thrilled. She is doing great she weighs about 45lbs now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. Well I will keep you updated!



#12 (DOB 11/29/08)

Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to give you an update on Laila.  We all love her so much!. She’s my daughters new best friend and neither one of them will go to sleep at night unless they are in the same bed. She’s also a very smart dog. Literally in one night she learned how to sit, stay, give paw and lay down.  House training is bit tough for her, but the vet has given us a few good tips that should work. She gets her last set of shots March 21st. When we took her to Petsmart during the first week of having her, everyone was stopping to say how cute she was. I’ve recommended you to People in my apartment complex that were looking into getting a boxer.  I’ve attached a few pictures of her.  Thank you so much.

 Alicia - Huntington NY (3/3/09)



#13 (DOB 03/16/08)

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009:

I got the registration done today.  Its been a while.  He he.  Xanthos obviously just turned a year old and I just wanted you to know I am so happy with how he turned out.  He is a gorgeous boxer, great build, perfect personality.  He is 83.6 pounds at his one year heart worm check.  Did you find that most of the puppies from that litter were that large (he is all muscle)?  I have attached another picture if you want to use it for the website.  I am craving another already (working on the boyfriend).  But we are ready, (and i watch every litter) I will let you know and get on the list because I really think you are an amazing breeder.  Thanks so much.  He is the love of our life.  


Krystle – Mt. Pleasant SC


#14 (DOB 02/29/09)

On Wed, Apr 8, 2009:

Hey Debbie,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a blast with Cali. She is sooo much fun. She is eating well and for the most part goes outside to go potty. Only a couple of accidents in the house. Cali sleeps with me and wakes me up around 5:00AM to go out. She sits by my ear and whines. She even barked at the backdoor yesterday to go out.  She is an extremely social pup. She loves everyone she meets especially the kids. Sadie my Boston /Pug mix and Cali get along very well. Cali got a little rough a couple of times but Sadie let her know and she backed right off. They sleep cuddled up together on my bed at night. I'm going to have a hard time going back to work.  Thank you again for such a great pup. Donna - Encinitas CA

On Tue, May 12, 2009

Hey Debbie,

Just a quick email to let you know that Cali is doing great. She is so much fun. She is such a silly puppy. Keeps us laughing all the time. Cali weighs over 20 pounds now. We go for walks every morning and she totally pester me until we go. We introduced her to our horse and she is not the least bit afraid. Great with kids and she thinks everyone that see's her should greet her. Not too many sealed black boxers out here so she gets a lot of attention. Anyway thank you for a wonderful puppy. Donna - Encinitas CA.

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Donna Watts from Encinitas CA wrote:

Hi Debbie,
Cali is doing great. She is 25" tall and weighs 70 pounds. She loves the beach. Likes to play in the waves but won't go in too far. Cali has finally learned to jump in the SUV. It was starting to get a little hard to lift her in. She is a very affectionate and playful pup and we all just love her to death. She is a perfect fit for our family.
I'll send more pictures soon. 




(DOB 12/03/07) Sent 04/12/09 from Dawn - Maggie’s mom from Beaufort SC

Hey there Debbie;

Just thought we would update you on how Maggie is doing.  She is just great – nuts but great.   She goes to work everyday with Craig and she is just so social and loveable – loves to give hugs and she is in great health.   We lost our male CJ in late December – he was diagnosed with cancer in October and only lived 2 months.  It was so painful to loose him and poor Maggie spent a week looking for him, we felt so bad,  CJ was her everyday companion.    We are probably going to “reup” for another male sometime next year – possibly a flashy brindle male or flashy fawn male – we would like to have another dog for Maggie – let us know what you are thinking for litters for the fall.    Here are some pictures of Maggie – we had another baby and she is sooo good with him and with Charlotte….take care and I look forward to talking with you.


#16 (DOB 02/09/2009)

Apr 17, 2009, Elizabeth from Wilmington NC wrote:

Hi Debbie!
 I just wanted to give you an update on Miss Izzy! She went to her first vet appt. with us today and they said she was a very healthy 17.2 pounds. They expect her to be a big girl considering she is that big and only 10 weeks old! Potty training is going great, we had planned to crate her but she did not like that at all! She sleeps with our other boxer, Aimee and whines by the bed when she needs to go out, thankfully it's only once a night! We will be sure to keep you updated on her progress. Thank you for such a wonderful puppy!
 Elizabeth, Wilmington NC

May 22, 2009 Elizabeth from Wilmington NC wrote:

Hi Debbie-
 I just wanted to give you an update on Miss Izzy! She is doing great! Totally potty trained now which is wonderful. She is doing a few "tricks", she can sit, shake, and give a high 5...we are working on down. We went to the vet again last week and got her 3rd round of shots, she is almost 25lbs, and a very solid 25lbs at that! We will continue to update you on how she is doing! We hope you are doing well!
 Thanks! Elizabeth Hanson

On Sep 16, 2009 Elizabeth Marshall wrote:

Hi Debbie!
I just wanted to let you know that Izzy is doing GREAT! She has gotten so big, a few weeks ago at 6 months she was 56.7 pounds. We get so many compliments on her markings. She really is growing into a beautiful dog. She is such loving dog, all she ever wants to do is snuggle and get her belly rubbed! She and our 6 year old boxer, Aimee, have really grown to love each other. It is so much fun to watch them play! We will continue to let you know how Miss Izzy is doing. Thanks again for such an awesome doggie!
Elizabeth Hanson - Wilmington, NC

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 , Elizabeth  wrote:

Hi Debbie-
I am attaching some updated pics of Izzy now that she has passed the one year mark. She is a beautiful, loving, smart dog! She is also one big girl, around 80 pounds and still growing! Hope you are well.
Elizabeth - Wilmington NC



#17 (DOB 04/25/09)

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009  Lori and Jay from Lexington SC wrote:
Hi!  I just thought I would take a moment to thank you for this wonderful puppy!  She has charmed her way straight into all of our hearts.  She is now weighing in at a little over 15 pounds!  I attached a little update pic for you.  If you ever need a referral for anyone feel free to use us! 



#18 (DOB 02/09/09)

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 Jessa Hills from Sacramento CA wrote:

Hi Debbie, thought you might like seeing some somewhat recent (a month ago) photos of Enigk. He is doing quite well, 45 lbs today at the vet, and getting neutered on Wednesday. We are moving to Encinitas next week. I remembered that one of the pups from his litter is down there. Perhaps you could pass my email on to them or theirs to me, it would be fun to let the play together.


#19 (11/29/08)

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 Renee from Mt. Pleasant SC wrote:

Hi Debbie,
Attached are some updated pics of Bella.  She now weighs 43 lbs and walks me!  :) Everyone tells us how beautiful and loving Bella is.  She rubs against you like a cat when she's especially affectionate and I still carry her around despite her size.  She's spoiled rotten.
I have given your website out to several people looking for boxers so I hope they have contacted you.
We saw Rocco in PetSmart a few months ago but have never gotten together for them to play.
Have a wonderful week.


#20 (DOB 06/23/09)

On Sat, Sep 5, 2009 Beth Matthews wrote:


Just wanted to let you know that our puppy that we bought last Saturday is doing great. The first day he was kind of sleepy and not too active, but he made his self quite at home the following day. He has already captured our heart and will more than likely end up being a indoor-outdoor dog. Our female boxer, Niki, took to him immediately and they are forever playing when I let him out. It is so nice to see them at play; she is so gentle with him. Boxers are such a marvelous breed. He is very active now but not hyper-active and he is also quite intelligent, he reminds me of our big male boxer, Spanky when he was a pup. He already answers to his new name...Max. We often call him Mad Max. I will email you a picture when he gets older if you would like me to.

 Have a great week-end.  Beth Matthews :o)


#21 (DOB 06/23/09)

On Sun, Sept 6, 2009 Shannon Adams wrote:

Hi Debbie - We just wanted to you let you know that Sampson had his first check up yesterday. He is doing very well. The DR said he was a very healthy puppy. His legs are long and lanky. We are still working on potty training. He's a little escape artist and has escaped from his kennel throughout the week so he thinks he's in charge of the house! The cat has even taken a liking to him over the past week. Our other dog Buttercup loves him. I've attached a few pics. We get his ears done on the 18th. I'll send you some more then. We'll have to bring him by soon. I hope all is well with you.  

Talk to you soon – Shannon and David


#22 DOB 06/23/09

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 Elizabeth from North Wilkesbora NC wrote:

She is adjusting very well….  The first week we thought you weren’t kidding…all she wanted to do was sit on you and sleep. Lol …but now she has branched out a little…she loves to chase the cats, but currently only the kitten runs from her. LOL She loves to chew on wood and my bras…lol not that I let her but she can sniff them out like I have never seen a pup do. LOL Potty training is still a work in progress…which is normal…she is very easily distracted, but that will come in time.  She took to caging very well and has almost learned what “go to bed” means.  She has also almost figured out what leave it means as well!  She is supper sweet and everyone just loves her!  She is eating very well also…we feed everyone once a day…each have a bowl…and she is doing very well with that and eating all of her food.   I hope to take some more pictures as the leaves change…I will send you some of those as well. J  Feel free to put them on your website.


#23 DOB 3/16/08

On Oct 16, 2009 Ashley from Bamberg SC wrote: Hey Mrs. Debbie,

This is Ashley and Bryan. We are the ones who bought Chance from you. Well finally i got some pictures of Chance for you and i have some good news, He is a new daddy! Our White female had 7 puppies last night. 3 Brindles and 4 Whites. We are so excited. I hope everything is going good with you and your beautiful boxers. We have had some people call us about puppies and we have been recommending you so i hope your business has been good:).  Chance has grown up to be such a sweet dog and so beautiful. He loves rippin stuff up though but my boxer is the same way lol. Thanks again for everything! I will be making a new website just for Chance, Gabby and the puppies and will send you the link as soon as I get it up!


#24 DOB 06/19/2010

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011, Chris  wrote:

Hey Debbie,
It has been a while since we have sent you an update on Waylon. He's doing great we just took him to the vet for his shots and he currently weighs 50 pounds. He is an absolute nut. Everyone that meets him always comments on how pretty he is and how goofy he is. He doesn't meet a stranger at all whether human or animal. He just wants to play all the time.needless to say there is never a dull moment when he's around. We recently moved from Columbia to Darlington and bought a house and would like to schedule sometime in the near future a day for him to come see you. Also my wife and I are interested in getting him a playmate preferably one of your beautiful puppies. Attached are some more pictures of Waylon.
Thanks for such a wonderful boxer.

Chris and Brett

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 Chris and Brett wrote:

Hey Debbie, Just wanted to share a few pictures of Waylon with you. He is doing so much better! We've been taking him on walks at night or giving him longer play time right before bed to help him sleep through the night and it seems to be working very well. He's doesn't seem to mind going into the crate and has been crying less and less each time. He's eating very well now. He loves to explore! He has such a funny personality, one minute he's loving and the next he's wanting to attack you. We working on him learning his name and correcting his chewing habits, as well as house training. He loves to chew on any and everything like all puppies usually do. We've been getting so many compliments on how beautiful he is and his color. Everyone keeps telling us how they've never seen a boxer his color, even our vet. We put a stuffed moose, which by the way is bigger than he is, in his crate with him and he refuses to sleep on anything but the moose. He has definitely won our hearts over and keeps us entertained. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!


#25 DOB 06/19/2010

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010  Laura wrote: Hi Debbie,
wow what a wonderful puppy we have thanks to your care and breeding of beautiful boxers! Bailey is smart, funny, beautiful and an awesome addition to our family. We are so glad to have found you. She is now 10 weeks old and 14.7 pounds of firecracker! Bailey and Shadow are getting along great and training seems a bit easier because she wants to do everything he does. Bailey already sits and comes for a treat and we will begin leash training/walking her this week. She loves her crate, cried a bit the first 3 nights but smooth sailing since then. She can actually stay 11pm to 5am without crying or potty needs. We can really tell she is super smart, she kept jumping up in the air trying to get up on an ottoman so I put a box as a step for her and in 5 minutes taught her to go up that way (you can see it on my facebook). I have to say I think bringing a blanket for you to rub on Jazzie and the other pups made a huge difference in her adjustment to leaving the others as I've never had a pup to stop crying so quickly. I hope others will read this and do the same when picking up pups from you! Again thank you and I'll keep the pics and letters coming. (tell little Raechel to watch the mail, a not from Bailey is on the way).
Laura - Richmond Hill GA

On Jul 18, 2010 Laura and Henry from Richmond Hills GA wrote:

Hi Debbie Just wanted to say Hi and shoot you an update on Bailey...Tomorrow she is 6 mos old, weighs 40 pounds and is getting spade. We bought a travel trailer and both Bailey and Shadow are having a blast. Bailey draws alot of attention with her coloring and of course she eats it up. Thanks again for such a wonder pup. You are an awesome breeder!


#26 DOB 01/19/2010

Sun, Apr 18, 2010 Pherk from Charlotte NC wrote:

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to give you updates since his last one. Rambo just went to the vet yesterday to get his second round of vaccines and he now weighs 24 pound. Everyone at the vet and at PetSmart was very surprised at how well-behaved he was. He is a very smart puppy and knows his sit, stay, lay, shake and come command. He learns very quickly. He hasn’t had an accident in our house since he was 6 weeks and he goes to the back door every time he needs to go potty. He is good with kids and loves the energy that our niece and nephews has. There’s not a day where we aren’t laughing at his goofy personality. He does the funniest things and can be very sneaky in a playful way. He is growing so fast­we don’t realize it until we look back at his photos and videos we took of him. He’s doing very well and has brought so much joy into our lives. Enjoy the photos attached.


#27 DOB 01/19/2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010, Tara from Aiken SC wrote: Hey Debbie,

Just wanted to touch base. Dempsey is an EXCELLENT girl, she is so smart!  These pictures were taken 4/18, she was helping me plant shrubs! She had her ears done on Tuesday and is doing great, she never even skipped a beat! I will send pictures of her when she gets her bandages and collar off. She was 18 lbs at the vet last week, she has one more set of shots to get in 2 weeks. She is all crate trained, she didn't like it at first, cried and whined for the first few nights but she good now. She listens so well, she can "sit" and "come" and we are working on "shake"!!!! She completely dominates my 90lb male boxer, there is no question who the boss is. He is so gentle and good with her. She wants to be with him all the time, she tries to dig into his pen. Thank you so much for this wonderful dog, she is everything I wanted and more! Thank for Everything

On Sat, May 1, 2010, Tara from Aiken SC wrote:

Here is a picture with her ears done, they turned out great. No tapping needed! She is a showstopper, she turns heads where ever we go and she has a personality to go with it. My husband who was not a dog person is smitten; she is a daddy's girl. Again, thank you for such an amazing puppy!


#28 DOB 01/19/2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 Valerie wrote:

I know it's been a long time and i apologize for not writing before but we weren't going to forget you either!!!! You have helped us so much and made it so easy for us with our Benny. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always having great communication with us and being so responsible as well as, professional!!!! We will keep updating you with Benny's pic as he grows and gets older. He is doing really good and is very healthy. He is the perfect companion we've never thought having!!!!!! Thanks Debbie......From Benny Blanco and Family, Orlando Fl


#29 DOB 01/10/2010

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 Karen from Columbia SC wrote: Hi Debbie! Hope all is well with you and your family!

I am writing to give you an update on my lovely puppy Gizmo! He is such a fantastic addition to my family. He's up-to-date on all his shots and was an absolute dream at the vet's office! I decided against cropping his ears but I know deep down inside he's saying "I'm a Stud" lol. I love his floppy ears and he is starting to grow into them so they don't fold back as much anymore! He's very loving and obedient (minus his little puppy ideas at times :) I love him so much, and my older Boxer, Gracie, is absolutely In Love with her new playmate! I attached some pics and I just want to thank you once again for being such responsible and caring breeder of this wonderful breed of dogs!


#30 DOB 01/10/2010

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010  DWIGHT AND STAR FROM wrote:

Chester is doing great!!!! and he's one of the best buddies I 've ever had.  Thank you so

much!!    Dwight and Star- Columbia SC


#31 DOB 04/25/2010

Drusie in Shelton, WA writes on July 25, 2010:

Hi Debbie,

My name is Drusie and I live in Shelton, WA. I just wanted to let you know that I received one of you puppies, "Tux" from your April 25, 2009 litter between Bandit and Sadie, two days ago. His name is still Tux and he is wonderful!!! Although I didn't get him from you as a puppy I am very proud to be his owner now. He is currently 60 pounds but is under weight, I would imagine at correct weight he would be about 75 pounds. He also has the most wonderful temperment I have seen in a long time in a Boxer.  He is fitting in perfectly and loves to go visit my Mom and romp with her 7 month old male Boxer on her 2 acres. He is very good with the kids and just loves being loved. He is learning to ring a bell when he want outside or back in. We are working on his manners and he is getting better at not jumping and he is also learning his basic obedience. I took a more pictures that are a lot better than the ones I previously sent so I will attach some of them. I am also attaching a picture of him and my Mom's Dog Scooby.

[if !mso]> Thanks again Drusie


#32 DOB 11/29/08

On 8/12/10, Lisa Wilkins from Effingham SC wrote:

Hey Debbie, I wanted to send you a picture of Bailey.  Her mom is Dixie and I think she looks a lot like her.  She is such a loving, sweet and smart girl but very independent.  She thinks she rules the roost around here.  She has been such a good fit with our other 2 labs.

Thanks!!! Lisa Wilkins


#33 DOB 01/19/2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 Charlie from Conway SC wrote:

Debbie,  I just wanted to update you on Thor. He's doing great and loves to play with my daughter! He's also great with my wifes neice and nephew and is a gental giant with them. He loves cars rides, exspecailly with the window down so he can stick his big mug out!  Everybody tells me how beautiful and well behaved he's is. So much so my dad who's a cat person, wants a boxer just like Thor!

 Thanks again, Charles


#34 DOB 01/10/2010

On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 Karen from Columbia sc wrote:

Hi Debbie!

 Hope all is well with you and your family (including the doggies ;) )  I am writing to give you an update on Gizmo. He is doing wonderful at a whopping 73 lbs!!! He still has his floppy ears but he is now officially a “Stud”. I have attached some pics of his first litter of 5!!!! They all have wonderful homes and are doing well! I just wanted to keep you in the loop.

BABY GIZMO                             GROWN GIZMO