Stud Service Contract


Enter Name of Bitch to be Bred

Owners First & Last Name
Enter full address including City & State
Enter Date that Bitch will be delivered for Breeding.

The above described bitch shall be bred to

Choose One Stud from List
Choose Registration from list

Stud Owned By Debbie Dowling

Owners Address: 3920 Mayberry Rd. Timmonsville SC 29161

The Stud Fee stated above is to be paid when the Bitch is delivered by owner. (Two Breedings will be attempted)

If the bitch fails to conceive the entire fee, with the exception of $25, will be returned to the owner of the bitch.
Enter date of 45 days

All transportation charges and veterinary expenses will be the responsibility of the owner of the bitch.

The owner of the bitch warrant that this bitch has not been exposed to any stud dog prior to her arrival and that she will be protected from such exposure after her return home.

The above agreement is made and signed by Owner of the Stud and the owner of the Bitch to assure the well being of the animals involved and their progeny.  This contract shall be deemed a legally binding contract and is under the jurisdiction of the State of South Carolina in the County of Darlington.

I, We, the owner of the bitch here by certify(s) that we have read the contract, understand it’s complete contents, and agree to it fully:

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