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Double D Boxer Colors:  

Fawn / Mahogany / Brindle / Reverse Brindle / Reverse Brindle Sealed Black / White

American and Euro Bloodlines

      Debbie Dowling DoubleDBoxers@gmail.com 843-250-6133    

3920 Mayberry Rd. Timmonsville South Carolina 29161

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To reserve your puppy after the litter turns 6 weeks, complete the online Puppy Deposit Form & send a deposit

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 See "Planned Litters" page for future litters

View my "Retired Boxers for Adoption" page for any adult Boxers up for adoption.

I have been breeding Boxers since 2003. I live in Timmonsville South Carolina. If you are wondering why my Boxers are less expensive than other breeders, it's because I breed for family pets.
I have 5 Breeding Females and 4 Stud Males of my own.  
I usually have 3 to 5 litters a year. I have AKC and CKC litters.

View my Kennels:   https://photos.app.goo.gl/siClXqdNTAalf0V72

My puppies come with full AKC or CKC registration, First Shots, De-wormed (Every 2 Weeks), Tails and Dewclaws Removed, One Year Health Guarantee (Full Price), Breeding Rights (Full Price) & Purina Puppy Chow Puppy Kit.  I cannot guarantee that the dewclaws will not return. This has happened on occasion. 

Difference between American Boxers and European Boxers:

There are many interpretations of the boxer breed standard.  In Germany, where the breed originated, breeders have striven for a dog bred to do its job as a working dog and for temperament. The United States standard has been more focused on conformation. The result is two very different versions of the Boxer. 

European Boxers tend to have more robust appearance, larger bone structure, deeper chest, more slanted topline, and larger head, and a stouter shorter muzzle than the American Boxer. They typically weigh more at maturity and have a greater muscle mass than American Boxers. The European Boxer is also a calmer and more focused dog. Many agree for this reason the Euro Boxer is easier to train.

The American Boxer has a more balanced elegant look, finer bone structure, smaller chest and more solid hind quarters than the European Boxer. This dog's muzzle is longer and less substantial than the Euro Boxer.  The American boxer has a less slanted topline.  Many American Boxers have a lower mature weight and appear less muscular than European Boxers. The American Boxer possesses an equal intelligence but is not as focused or driven and tend to be a little more easily distracted than their European counterparts.

Explanation of the color Reverse Brindle Sealed Black:

BLACK Boxers do NOT exist. Boxers do NOT carry the gene for the BLACK coat color, it is impossible to have a true BLACK Boxer, instead, there are brindles with such a concentration of striping that they appear to be Black. Often times, fawn (or brown) stripes can be seen under direct light, which indicates a brindle Boxer.  All Boxers that appear to be BLACK are actually registered with the AKC as brindle. 
This coloring is not rare, only unique. 

Shipping Puppy:

If you need the puppy shipped, I recommend using CitizenShipper.com. You as the buyer sets up the shipping and pays the shipper when puppy is delivered. There is also a Fee of 20% of the shipping fee that you have to pay up front to book the shipper. I used this site and it was so easy to book a person to pickup and deliver your puppy right to your front door for a reasonable price. Airlines no longer ship pug nosed dogs, which includes Boxers, so this is the best way to get your puppy home to you.

I let my puppies go to their new home at 7 or 8 weeks old. If your puppy cannot be picked up by 8 weeks, then a boarding fee of $35 for 1 day up to 7 days will be added to the final payment. 

Arrangements must be made one week in advance for puppy shipping and pickup. If the shipper is not able to pickup the puppy by 8 weeks then there is a boarding fee ($35 a week) added to the final balance. The balance must be paid before the shipper picks up the puppy.

I am taking names for my puppy lists for future litters. The deposit to hold a puppy is $300, which is put toward the purchase price. I will accept a check, money order, or Venmo payment for the deposit and the remaining balance must be paid in CASH at the time the puppy is picked up. Puppy Deposit Form.

How My Puppy List Process Works:

Once the litter turns 6 weeks I will post pictures of the puppies, then notify the families by e-mail that completed a Puppy List Request at the same time about the puppies available.  If there is a puppy of interest, then you must respond back to me by submitting the deposit form.  The first deposit form received is the first to get their pick. The deposit of $300 is to hold the puppy until pickup.  The deposit must be in the form of a Check, money order, or Venmo payment.  Before you send the deposit I require the "PUPPY DEPOSIT FORM" to be completed electronic for the deposit.  The form and my address are located on this website.  The puppy will then be flagged as "PENDING" until the deposit is received. If the deposit is not received by the pending date established (7 days), then I will notify the individual and if a response is not received then the puppy will be removed from "PENDING" and flagged as "AVAILABLE" and go back up for sale. Once the deposit is received the puppy will then be flagged as "SOLD".  

These puppies do go fast so a quick response is crucial to guarantee a puppy.

Complete and submit the Puppy Request form to get listed and be notified when the future litters arrive.

You will remain on my puppy list for 1 year, after that you will have to submit a new request to be added back.

I also have my Studs available for Stud Service. If you wish to breed your female to any of my males see my "Males" page for details and contract information. Stud fees are posted on the "Males" page.

LINK TO OTHER DOUBLE D BOXERS SITES: http://www.freewebs.com/doubledboxers/index.htm


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