When sending deposit through PayPal, send money as "friends and family" to doubledboxers@gmail.com.


Puppy Deposit Agreement

Debbie Dowling

3920 Mayberry Road

Timmonsville, S.C. 29161

(843) 383-0895

Puppy Deposit Agreement

A deposit of  $_250___ has been sent to the seller to be applied towards the purchase of a puppy.  The balance due is to be paid before the puppy is picked up.  The puppy must be picked up by the agreed pickup date below or you forfeit this deposit, unless prior arrangements have been made with the seller. The puppy will not be released to the new owner until the balance is paid in full. The purpose of the deposit is to insure the purchaser’s intent to purchase the puppy.  The deposit is non-refundable should the purchaser, for any reason, change his or her mind about purchasing the puppy. The deposit may be refunded if the health of the puppy has deteriorated.  

I have read the above and agree to these conditions.

Need cell number to text you when new photos and videos are posted.

Enter pickup date matching 8 week pickup date on website or date agreed upon.

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