2019 Boxer Puppy Litters Planned

I am taking names to be placed on future puppy lists.

Non refundable deposits are accepted prior to litter being born but cannot guarantee gender or color.

Complete the "Puppy List Request" form.

Get notified as soon as the litter is born.


I will know the pregnancy is positive on the 45th day after breeding.


These are deposits paid in advance. Families have first pick before posting litter to public.

#1 Brill Family in Hudson FL - Female Sealed - Posted 10/05/19

Zoey and Ace
CKC Fawn & Brindle Litter
45 Days 02/17/20
Litter Due 03/06/20
Video: https://youtu.be/yVbqkd1oVxs 

$650 Fawn
$650 Brindle
$750 Sealed Brindle (Black)


Female Sealed - Brill Family in Hudson FL



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